The Scruff of the Neck stage at Y Not? Festival 2023 is complete! 36 artists over 44 hours of music delivered by 10 of our in-house team & crew in the Derbyshire hills at a 30,000+ capacity music festival. Pretty mega.

Producing these events is not just about showcasing the brilliant artists, it’s about the community we’ve always promoted at Scruff of the Neck for over 14 years since we started. Getting bands and the team all together for quality time and fun is invaluable amongst the absolute graft everyone puts into new music day to day.

A huge Thankyou to the Y Not? team for having us, the fans for giving us so much love and energy, the artists for all their passion and energy and our team for making it all happen.

See you again in 2024!

📸 Liam Maxwell (Cover Shot Alessio Zinna)

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