The First 6 Months of 2023 at Scruff of the Neck!

The first six months of 2023 at Scruff of the Neck 🤯 here’s the tip of the iceberg:

Scruff of the Neck TV on Twitch concluded chapter 1 after 2 years (17 million viewers! 300 artists! 450 hours broadcast! All having launched mid-pandemic), 3 x charted album releases (IST IST, Bilk & The HARA), 3 x debut EPs (KIDS, Bayboards & Shambolics) 2 x number 1 records for one of our writer-producer clients (Joe Cross), 3 x SOTN festival stages (ESNS 🇳🇱, SXSW 🇺🇸 and TGE 🇬🇧), 98 x Scruff of the Neck Live gigs (15,000+ attendees), 2 x new hires on our amazing energetic and innovative young team at SOTN HQ and back travelling the world spreading the word (8 countries 20,000+ miles!)! 💪

Passion burning more than ever for all things music and Scruff of the Neck ❤️

Now for 2023 part 2… starting with winning Soccer Six next week and Y Not Festival at the end of the month!

Mark x
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