Alternative grunge trio False Heads have played with the likes of The Libertines, Josh Homme and Band of Skulls, with the legend that is Iggy Pop himself even going so far as to endorse the band. False Heads are Luke Griffiths (guitar/vocals), Jake Elliot (bass), and Barney Nash (drums), and are for fans of Radiohead, Nirvana, and The Libertines. 

Their recent ten-track album, 'Sick Moon' was produced by Frank Turner at his home studio, with lead single Day Glow coming just weeks after Turner’s own record FTHC landed the UK Number One spot. Discussing Sick Moon’s story, frontman Luke Griffiths says: “The album is just a pure expression of everything I've felt and feel. It's pure rage, isolation, and alienation, yet also sarcastic and hopefully sprinkled with a bit of humour. It's a stream of consciousness- I used to deal with my struggles with depression, insomnia, anxiety, and issues with substance abuse. It's also about how often the external world seems to parallel and affect your internal struggle. I get trapped into a cycle of apathy and suffocation with the idea of eternalism and eternal recurrence, maybe we have no free will and maybe we do all of this again and again, forever. Humans aren't meant to have access to every piece of information on the planet at once. I've felt frustration over the last five years in the music industry; rock and pop music have become an endeavour for kids from super-rich families or kids from parents already in the industry.”

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