Bubbling out of Germany, Giant Rooks are taking the indie game by storm. Founded in 2015, the outfit consists of Frederik Rabe (vocals), Finn Schwieters (guitar), Luca Göttner (bass), Jonathan Wischniowski (keyboard), and Finn Thomas (drums). Since, the band has garnered hundreds and millions of views across breakout hits such as “Wild Stare” and “Tom’s Diner,” also selling out shows across Germany, North America, and Europe. Their 2020 debut album, Rookery,  has collected more than 200 million total streams to date, while it also peaked at #3 on the German Albums Chart. In 2022, Giant Rooks scored their biggest song to date with “Tom’s Diner,” in collaboration with AnnenMayKantereit. In addition to picking-up over 250 million streams, it landed in the Spotify Top 200 in 30 markets, peaking at #37 on the Spotify Global Chart and #83 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.  With much more music on the horizon, Giant Rooks continue to prove indispensable to not only the German music scene, but Indie at large. 


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