After graduating from EP projects (Ex Talk, Damsel in Distress – “I really needed to release some sh*t and get it out of my system”), girli has been facing the “multitudes” of who she is head-on. “I had a crisis for six months after the Damsel In Distress tour finished,” girli reveals. “It was a question of what now and I just didn't know and that freaked me out. I thought I was f**king this all up because people were expecting something from me now.”

After navigating through red-taped record deals and bouts of self-questioning, the artist emerged better for it. Matured, reinvented and refusing to be pigeonholed, we’re returning back to the vision of girli, but not quite as we know her. “I want people to know that I'm a work in progress,” she says. “As an artist, you're always expected to be the final version of yourself like this perfect, fully formed and packaged thing, but that’s just not what being human is.” Instead, girli is allowing her free-flowing personality to take control of her unfiltered image. Much like her sound, the singer’s new era is as complicated as she is. “I'm confident one day and I'm confused the next. I'm depressed one day then I'm really happy and excited, but the next time, chaotic,” she shares. “I'm messy, but I'm also soft, and disruptive, but I'm healed. It's taken me time to realise [I’m] so many things at once.”