Joe Cross started his musical career as part of the cult Manchester band (We Are) Performance
(album achieved no. 2 in NME’s ‘Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard’). Having taught himself
production during this period, Joe began working with fellow Mancunian artist Hurts. He would
go one to produce and co-write half their debut album, including the international hits “Better
Than Love” and “Wonderful Life”. The album would go on to achieve gold or platinum sales
around the world, including in Germany and the UK. His working relationship with the duo has
endured to this day.
In 2012, Joe met Liam Fray of Courteeners. Joe has since produced five albums for the group;
‘Anna’ (UK no 6), ‘Concrete Love’ (UK no 3), ‘Mapping the Rendezvous’ (UK no 4), ‘St. Jude:
Re:Wired’ (UK no 5) and ‘More. Again. Forever’ (UK no 2). He has also contributed songwriting
to some of the band’s biggest songs. In 2015, Joe officially joined the group as bassist and live
musical director, enjoying festival headlines, arena tours and three 50,000 sell out outdoor
shows to date.

Joe produced the Norwegian band Kid Astray’s popular debut album ‘Home Before The Dark’
and The LaFontaines’ sophomore record ‘Common Problem’ (Scottish no 9). He has written with
artists such as La Roux, Hot Milk, Orla Gartland, Lana Del Rey, Zoot Woman, Glass Caves
and Larkins. More recently, Joe has completed an album for indie heroes Slow Readers Club,
slated for a February 2023 release, and a six track EP for up-and-coming British/Spanish artist
Nadia Sheikh. Significantly, Joe has been working extensively with Former One Direction
member Louis Tomlinson and has written and produced three tracks for his forthcoming
second solo record.
Joe also runs a successful independent record label, Lovers, which released False Heads’
debut. That album has shifted 1000+ physical and 3 million streams.
The 13 tracks on Joe’s writing and production playlists here have combined to well over 100
million streams on Spotify alone.

Joe Cross Writing Playlist

Joe Cross Production Playlist

Management Contact - mark@scruffoftheneck.com

Production and co-writing credits include:

TV Dream - Larkins - co-write/production
Are You in Love With a Notion - Courteeners - co-write/production
Small Bones - Courteeners - co-write/production
Summer - Courteeners - production
Wonderful Life - Hurts - Producer/co-write
Better Than Love - Hurts - Producer/co-write
She is Beauty We are World Class - Louis Tomlinson - production/co-write
Silver Tongues - Louis Tomlinson - production/co-write
Saturdays - Louis Tomlinson - production/co-write
Heavy Jacket - Courteeners - production/co-write
Back to the Ordinary - Kid Astray - production
Lay Your Troubles on Me - Slow Readers Club - Production/mixing
Release the Hounds - Lafontaines - production/mixing