Scruff of the Neck TV

Launched In the depths of the second UK pandemic lockdown (Jan 21 - Jul 21), Scruff of the Neck and Twitch formed a global partnership to launch Scruff of the Neck TV,  the best of Indie, Rock, Alternative and Pop sounds of the UK broadcast globally via the @scruffoftheneck channel on Twitch, all from the award winning label & promoter’s Manchester UK offices & studio. 

Harnessing the two-way dialog between creators and audience of Twitch, the show allowed fans the opportunity to connect and engage with artists in new and innovative ways.

Looking back at the achievements after concluding the project in February 2023, the show amassed 15.6 million unqiue views over 100 studio shows, with 300+ artists booked, 2 'in real life' venue shows with audiences, 16,100 Twitch channel followers, 428 hours streamed, 27,000 people viewing at one point on a single show and two full UK music festivals streamed (Y Not Festival and The Alternative Escape).

Artist to perform and interview on the show became over 300 by the end and highlights included Bad Boy Chiller Crew, GIRLI, Cian Ducro, Lucy Spraggan Kid Kapichi, Kyle Falconer (The View) and Yonaka.

Presenters on the show included Abbie McCarthy (BBC Introducing, E4 Extra, BBC Sport, Lionesses Live & Reading Festival Host) Nels Hylton (BBC Radio 1 Future Alternative Host), Hattie Pearson (Radio X, Hits Radio), Maia Beth (BBC Radio 1) and settled in the second year with Jack Wood (Radio X, Kerrang! Radio, XS Manchester) who since became synonymous with the Scruff of the Neck brand.

Select content from the series can still be viewed on the Scruff of the Neck Youtube channel, and there are plans to one day return the show. Watch this space...


3 SONS, Aiko, Ajimal, Alex Spencer, Alex Tracey, Alias Kid, Andrew Cushin, Baby Strange, Bamily, Bandit, Banji, Bayboards, Beach Riot, Bears in Trees, BEX, Big Image, Bilk, Billy Lockett, Black Cats & Magpies, Blind Mic, Blondes, Böhmen, Bollo Bollo, Bonze, Brand New Legs, BRONNIE, Bull, Callow Youth, Callum Spencer, Calva Louise, Casey Lowry, Cassa Jackson, Cathy Jain, Ceeow, Charlotte OC, Chartreuse, Cheriton, Chinatown Slalom, Chloe Ann, Chloe Foy, Cian Ducrot, Clara Mann, Colour TV, Conal Kelly, Conrad, Coral Palms, Corella, Courting, Creeping Jean, Cucamaras, Dalmas, Dan D'Lion, Dane Kelly, Dani Sylvia, Danny Darlington, Darla Jade, Daytime TV, Dead Pony, DEAFDEAFDEAF, DECO, Devon, Die Kai Dai, Dutch Criminal Record, Duvet, Ed The Dog, Eden Hunter, EEVAH, Egyptial Blue, Elephant Kind, Elephant Trees, Ellysse Mason, Emilia Tarrant, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii, False Heads, FEAR OF MARKO, FEET, Finn Forster, Fleur Rouge, Florentinas, For You The Moon, Foxglove, Frankie Beetlestone, Fredrik Ferrier, Freeda, Fuzzy Sun, Generation, George Gloo, Glass Caves, Gloria, Goan Dogs, Green Wire, Hallan, Hannah Slavin, Hanya, Happy Athletic, Happy Science, Harri Georgio, Harriet Dagnall, Harry & The Chicks, Harvey Jay, HIMALAYAS, Husk, ILI, Internet Raised, Isaac Anderson, Isla Rico, Ist Ist, Izzy T, Jack Britten, Jack Cullen, Jack Curley, Jake Whiskin, Janet Devlin, Jaws the Shark, Jimmy Herrity, Jobifuego, Jodie Nicholson, Joe Dolman, Joey Maxwell, Josh Goddard, Josh Savage, Junodream, Kashmere, Katie O'Malley, Katy Alex, Kawala, Kelsey Gill, Kid Brunswick, KIDS, King Kuda, King No-One, Klangstof, Komparrison, Koolkid, KTNA, Kyle Falconer, Larkins, Lawrence Taylor, Left Hand Lane, Lewis Maxwell, Little Planets, Liv Cartier, Lizzie Esau, lostboy, Low Hummer, Low Island, Lucas Watt, Lucy Deakin, Luna Bay, Maddy Storm, Make Friends, Martha Hill, Maxwell Varey, May Payne, Mealtime, Meg Chandler, Megan Dixon-Hood, MEMES, Memorial, Mike Dignam, Miller Blue, moa moa, Mollie Coddled, Monochromatic Visions, Morrell, N/A, Nadia Sheikh, Nara, Natalie Shay, NEEVE, Neeve Zahra, Nono, Novustory, Oceans On Mars, October Drift, Olive Featherstone, Olly Davis, Orchards, Overpass, Paper Scenes, Paris Youth Foundation, Patrick Saint James, Pave The Jungle, Polar States, Polly Money, PROSE, pyncher, PYRA, Quiet Houses, Rainn Byrns, Red Wine Talk, REWS, Rory Wynne, Ruby Duff, Ryan Jarvis, Sarpa Salpa, Sfven, Shadowlark, Shambolics, Shelter Boy, Shitboys, Sion Hill, Skies, Snayx, Sorebae, Sour Honey, South Arcade, Sovereigns, Space Monkeys, Spin Klass, SPINN, St Peter's Dream, Stanleys, SYFTA, Talk Show, Ten Hands High, The Battery Farm, The Covasettes, The Family Rain, The Howl & The Hum, The Howlers, The Lilacs, The Lotts, The Luka State, The Outcharms, The Peevie Wonders, The Recreation, The Rills, The Rolling People, The Sherlocks, The Silver Bars, The Skinner Brothers, The Sukis, The Velvet Hands, The Vices, The Whytches, Thumper, Tidepool, Tim Gallagher, Tom A Smith, Trunc, Trunky Juno, Tungz, Uno Mas, Velvet Starlings, Voodoo Bandits, Weekend Recovery, Will & The People, Witch Fever, Wyldest, Yasmin Coe, YNES, ZULA, ARXX, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, Bloxx, Girli Kid Kapichi Lucy Spraggan Lottery Winners Noisy Pixey Skinny Living Slow Readers Club The Blinders The Hara Vistas Will Joseph Cook Yonaka