Y Not Festival, nestled in the picturesque Peak District of England, is the quintessential pilgrimage for indie music enthusiasts. This annual celebration of all things alternative has been enchanting festival-goers for over a decade, transforming a bucolic setting into a sonic wonderland. For those who crave an authentic and intimate musical experience, Y Not stands as the ultimate antidote to sprawling, corporate festivals.

Since its inception, Y Not has maintained an unwavering commitment to championing emerging and established indie artists. Its stages have seen legendary acts like The Libertines, The Cribs, and The Wombats ignite the night, while also offering a platform for rising talents to shine. The festival's line-up is a who's who of indie, encompassing a diverse spectrum of sounds, from folk-infused melodies to electrifying guitar riffs.

Scruff of the Neck has worked with Y Not Festival in 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023 to bring the hottest new artists in the indie music scene to Y Not Festival, including livestreaming the Scruff of the Neck TV Stage live to the world on Twitch in 2022.


Y Not Festival is located at Pikehall, Derbyshire, DE4 2PG

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