Marketing Services

We are very proud of our ability to promote artists using modern marketing techniques and have proved their success over many years developing full time career artists. Because concert promotion is a huge part of our business, we work with talent from all over the world. It's always been in our DNA to support the growth of talent outside of the live world as a bigger artist with more fans, sells more tickets.

With this in mind, we launched our in house Digital Marketing Services focusing on Facebook, Instagram & Google advertising with direct to fan marketing as the goal. Our digital marketing service covers strategy, content, management and reporting.

We also have a wide UK network of media promotion partners (press, radio & TV) so can plug into the full scope of a campaign for any artist.

In 2019 we won 'Best Small Label' at the AIM Awards and these award winning techniques are considered our 'secret sauce' in artist development, but for the right artists that we work with, we do make these available as a service.

Artists we've worked with in a Marketing Services capacity include Giant Rooks (Germany), NOËP (Estonia), VISTAS, Bilk, The Reytons, IST IST, Shambolics, Bloxx and many more. All these artists combined now have millions of Spotify streams and social followers between them.

Music Production

Writer-Producers are an essential part of the world of music production and artist development. Over many years we saw the massive value in connecting the talent we represent with the right writers and producers to help enhance the vision and capabilities of our artists. Vast experience in this area lead to us building our own Writer-Producer Management roster.

All our Writer-Producer clients have their own studio spaces and have access to locations all over the UK and Europe. Current roster includes:

Andy Gannon - (known for Bilk, The HARA, Kay Young, Glass Caves)

Chris Marshall - (known for Gerry Cinnamon, Shambolics, Dead Pony)

Joe Cross - (know for Courteeners, Hurts, Slow Readers Club, Callum Beattie, Louis Tomlinson)

Visual Creative Production

Our award winning work on artist development and our pioneering project Scruff of the Neck TV has lead us to develop industry leading knowledge in creative production. Our in house artist services include overseeing the creative direction for an artist release campaign helping with concepts and connecting the right teams scross artwork, video and photography to meet an artists vision whilst working in budget. If you look over any of our label artist projects you'll see our work first hand.

We have also been engaged business to business on many occasions over the years to execute project work. Examples of this include Distiller TV, Scruff of the Neck TV and BBC 6 Music Festival at Band On The Wall amongst many more.


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